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Providing market-leading technology, designed in Japan for New Zealand conditions. Mitsubishi Electric has been on the cutting edge of heat pump innovation since 1969.

Mitsubishi Electric has one fundamental guiding principle when it comes to heat pump design – to continuously innovate and be at the forefront of heat pump technology. After installing its first wall-mounted split-system room heat pump in 1969, they have maintained their position as market-leading innovators to this present day. Mitsubishi Electric prides themselves on their rigorous factory testing, ensuring that every piece of equipment they produce is of the highest quality. By holding its manufacture process to such a high standard, Mitsubishi Electric produces products that are renowned for their longevity. Due to this, they are a great investment for your home as they are low maintenance with an extremely low fault rate. Because Mitsubishi Electric goes the extra mile to ensure quality, they are willing to stand behind their products with unrivalled support to customers that use their heat pumps.

Every single Mitsubishi heat pump is a product of intense, detail orientated research, relentless testing, with a consistent approach to improving features and performance. The end result is a huge range of heat pumps that continue to become quieter, more durable, less costly to operate, and easier to install and maintain. Internet search data shows that Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are the most popular choice in New Zealand homes, and it’s easy to understand why. Mitsubishi Electric is not only dedicated to investing heavily in research and development, but it does so with New Zealand conditions specifically in mind.

What are some of the unique technologies in Mitsubishi Electric’s heat pump range?

A white Mitsubishi Electric heat pump with the company logo in the center of the unit

And that’s just the beginning.

Mitsubishi Electric wants to be able to guarantee that its customer base receives the quality products and installation that they pride themselves on. Because of this, Mitsubishi Electric is very selective when it comes to allowing the servicing, and installation of their products. Being an authorised Mitsubishi Electric dealer is a sign that you’re a trusted company. Not only is Varcoe a trusted distributor of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps, but we have over 15 years worth of awards to prove it.

Varcoe has installed 1000s of heat pumps since its opening in 1975, making us one of the most experienced companies in New Zealand. If you are looking to install a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump in your home, contact the Varcoe team today.

Our Products

Single Room Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

Whether during burning hot summer days, or freezing cold winter nights, Mitsubishi Electric keeps you comfortable with their single room heat pumps and air conditioners. These heat pumps offer up to three times the energy efficiency of conventional heating appliances. Trust Mitsubishi Electric to cut your heating costs without having to blow your budget.

Our robust, feature rich range means that there is no doubt a model to meet your exact needs. Pair these features with our contemporary styling and you will find a device that compliments any interior. All this while knowing that, because it’s Mitsubishi Electric, it will be whisper quiet. So you can relax, in peace.

A white Mitsubishi Electric single room heat pump, with the company's logo on the center of the unit
A blue diagram showing the different points to place a Mitsubishi Multi Room heat pump system.

Multi Room Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

With Mitsubishi Electric’s multi room heat pumps and air conditioners, you can select the best models to suit each room in your house, and combine them into the perfect system. We have some of the quietest systems on the market (210fB) offered in the multi split system. By reducing the number of required outdoor units, the multi split system enhances exterior aesthetics while also providing a simple, economical way of being able to install additional indoor units at any time.

Floor Consoles & Cassettes

Looking for an ideal replacement for traditional floor mounted heating appliances, such as night-store heaters? Floor consoles & cassette units are specifically designed to sit at floor level or recessed into a wall, meaning they fit perfectly in the space where the old appliance used to be.

A white Mitsubishi floor console unit with ventilation on the front of it
A white Mitsubishi commercial heat pump mounted to a ceiling with ventilation on the front of it

Commercial Heat Pumps

A pleasant environment for people living in a range of different buildings was always a challenge for air conditioning technology in the past. This is because when attempting to provide air quality, every aspect of a building needs to be considered: scale, funcation, structure, materials and age.

But with advances in air conditioning technology, this is easier now more than ever.

Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI series has the capabilities and flexibility to adapt to any building requirements. Even the most complex configurations are easily managed with the wide line up of indoor units and free piping systems. A central controller is capable of operating both R2 and Y. This easy to operate, flexible system architecture and energy saving technology allows CITY MULTI to offer an ideal blend of comfort, efficiency and economy.

Mitsubishi Electric WI-Fi Heat Pump Controller

Never return to a cold home ever again. Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi heat pumps allow you to adjust the temperature of your home or commercial building while you’re on the go. New Zealand weather can change in the blink of an eye, but with Wi-Fi control you can get ahead of it and ensure that you return to the perfect environment, whether you’re on the way home from work or even in another country. Jam packed with additional features, Wi-Fi Control is the cutting edge of heating and cooling technology.

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