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Recognised throughout the years by Daikin as a trusted installer, getting in contact with Varcoe to find the best Daikin heating and cooling system just makes sense. With one of the biggest heat pump showrooms in New Zealand, Varcoe makes sure you find the best solution while obtaining prices that are fair. Contact Varcoe Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps today to find out more about the perfect Daikin heat pump for your home.

Daikin established its operations in New Zealand in 1993. Flash forward to today and Daikin is one of New Zealand’s most trusted names in heat pumps and air conditioning. Daikin heat pumps can be found in hundreds of prestigious commercial projects as well as thousands of New Zealand homes. Daikin brings over 45 years of experience in heating and cooling homes worldwide, and it is this expertise that allows Daikin to create products that can easily deal with New Zealand’s extremely varied climate. Daikin understands that a comfortable environment is what makes your house feel like your “home”. So to achieve this goal, Daikin takes pride in designing products that are not only efficient, but also provide clean and superior comfort in the places where we live, work, and play.
Daikin’s only focus is on air conditioning and heat pumps, meaning that all of their efforts are put into designing and engineering smart-technologies that provide the best possible climate-controlled environments. All their heat pumps are designed around the concept of providing environmentally conscious, energy-efficient, and superior comfort in New Zealand homes.

Daikin takes its environmental responsibility very seriously, and it stands as a key value in all of its design and engineering decisions. Because of this, Daikin’s products are market leaders in their use of environmentally friendly refrigerants and high energy efficiency. An example of this is Daikin’s initiative to use R-32, a game-changing refrigerant that efficiently transports heat as well as having a significantly lower environmental impact than its predecessors.

It isn’t only environmental health, it’s your health too.

Daikin’s split system air conditioners carry the blue butterfly symbol, indicating that the products are approved for people affected by asthma and allergies by the Asthma + Respiratory Foundation NZ Sensitive Choice program. This is due to Daikin’s air filtration and purification technology, marking it one of the only split-system brands to be recognised for this. This ensures you a healthy, comfortable home.

Daikin guarantees comfort in every aspect of their services. This is why Daikin has a dedicated after-service support team that is efficient in providing you with necessary coverage beyond your purchase.

A high wall Daikin heat pump offered at a fair price

Varcoe are award-winning suppliers and installation experts in Daikin heat pumps.

Recognised throughout the years by Daikin as a trusted installer, with one of the biggest heat pump showrooms in New Zealand, contact Varcoe today to find out more about the perfect Daikin heat pump for your home.

Our Products

Single Room Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

If you’re wanting a wall mounted split system heat pump that provides premium comfort and blends perfectly with your surroundings, Daikin heat pumps are a great choice. The technology Daikin is famous for not only makes their indoor units compact, but also whisper quiet and energy efficient.

A well priced Daikin high wall heat pump for a small room

Multi Room Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

If you’re wanting to heat or cool 2-5 rooms using only a single outdoor unit, then a Daikin Multi-Split heat pump is perfect for you. It can optimise comfort by not only allowing individual control of the temperature of each room, but also saves on running costs because you’re only heating or cooling the rooms you require. All of Daikin’s heat pumps are reverse cycle, meaning they are able to both heat and cool.

Floor Consoles & Cassettes

Daikin’s floor console and cassette units are small and compact, making them ideal for anyone looking for a unit that is convenient to access by positioning the unit on the floor. They have the option to be semi-recessed into the wall, which can be a great replacement for an unused fireplace. Units have either top, or top and bottom discharge vents to ensure even distribution of air throughout the room.

A well priced floor console Daikin heat pump offered
A well priced Daikin commercial grade heat pump system

Commercial Heat Pumps

A pleasant environment for people living in a range of different buildings was always a challenge for air conditioning technology in the past. This is because when attempting to provide air quality, every aspect of a building needs to be considered: scale, funcation, structure, materials and age.

But with advances in air conditioning technology, this is easier now more than ever.

Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI series has the capabilities and flexibility to adapt to any building requirements. Even the most complex configurations are easily managed with the wide line up of indoor units and free piping systems. A central controller is capable of operating both R2 and Y. This easy to operate, flexible system architecture and energy saving technology allows CITY MULTI to offer an ideal blend of comfort, efficiency and economy.

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Mitsubishi Electric has been a world leader in Heat pumps and Air Conditioning since 1968

Daikin is one of New Zealand’s most trusted names in Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning

Panasonic has been loved by New Zealand households for almost a century