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  About Tim Fawdray

My Story

In 1993 I started working at Varcoe refrigeration, straight out of school.  I asked to work for free for a year, and it has all worked out quite well.  I then completed my apprenticeship in refrigeration in 1998 and haven’t looked back.  After an OE in 2001, I realized how much I loved business.  I started and ran a cleaning business in London.  So when I returned to work with Paul Varcoe and bought into the company after a year.  I love sales and meeting people and refrigeration in the Food Industry.  And, in 2016 I bought the remaining shares.


The refrigeration industry has changed in the last 5-10 years and heat pumps are now huge.  Because we have been supplying and installing heat pumps over the last 30 years, we have seen a lot of industry changes.  They are such a great way to heat the home, keep it dry, allergen friendly, but best of all they are great for the environment.  I love that they are so attainable to Kiwis and finally we can live in homes, go to schools and social clubs and take our jackets off.  No more snuggling in a rug with a damp gas heater in winter or drinking a beer in a sweaty hot pub in summer.  Life is just better and more comfortable with heat pumps.

Who knows where the future of heating will be, but I want to be there, and will be.  Solar panels, watch this space.  

Tims Blog

Follow Varcoe for ways of making your life more comfortable on topics like; help with the new healthy homes standards, how to create a better sleep environment, and, the importance of a comfortable temperature in the school.

Warm and Cool Schools

Warm and Cool Schools

Are so important for learning

With two boys of my own, sometimes the heat pumps we put into schools seem like one of our biggest achievements.  Currently we have installed heat pumps in over 30 schools, 300 classrooms, keeping over 6,000 children comfortable.

Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes

For Landlords and tenants

The healthy homes standards became law the 1st July 2019 in New Zealand.  For some it came in very quickly and it was hard to plan and organise for.  So that is where I thought Varcoe could help you.

No Draughts

No Draughts

For a calm home

Draughts aren’t good for anyone.  They are like wind in the home, leaking the heat and creating a irritable environment.  A comfortable home has no draughts, and that is what Varcoe specialises in. Comfortable homes.



Sleeping Temperature

A comfortable sleeping environment is essential for a healthy sleep, and your overall health and wellbeing throughout the day.  The ideal sleeping temperature is 18.3C which does seem quite cold to some.  Which is why we struggle so much to sleep on a hot summers night.

Statement of Intent

Statement of Intent

For a Healthy Home

Are you a landlord? Are you wondering what you need to do, try our healthy home calculator, which will let you know what you need to do. Best of all, we’ll send you a pdf that qualifies as the statement of intent, which is valid until 1st December 2020 while you get yourself ready




You’ve got the questions and we have the answers.  You may have met us at a recent home show with our Pop art stand.  Because of our long history in the industry our knowledge is strong but more importantly our desire to learn and build on that is our real strength.  Learn more about what we know here.

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