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Multi Room Heat Pumps

Looking to heat and cool multiple rooms but don’t want to clutter your exterior area with an outdoor unit for each indoor unit? A multi room heat pump may be the perfect option for you. Unlike single room split systems, a multi room heat pump is designed to heat or cool two or more rooms while only needing to be connected to one outdoor unit. This reduces exterior clutter and creates a streamlined system for your entire home. Indoor units are still able to be controlled individually. Varcoe’s team of experts and industry leading service can help you find the perfect heating and cooling solution for your home. Speak to us today about a free estimate or fixed quote for a multi room heat pump system for your home.

Panasonic Inverter Multi Split System

Your Panasonic Multi-Inverter Split System can be set up in many ways, from two to four indoor units. Get in touch with Varcoe Refrigeration the heat pump specialists and find out which setup best suits your heating and cooling needs.
The outdoor unit takes up a lot less space and is quieter than four single outdoor units.

A diagram showing a Panasonic system to help customers understand the cost

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Multi Split System

Combine your choices for ultimate comfort. Allows you to select the best models to suit each room in your house. Some of the quietest available on the market (21dB) are offered in the multi split system. The multi split system enhances exterior aesthetics by reducing the number of outdoor units necessary while also providing an easy and economical way of adding indoor units at any time.

A diagram showing a Mitsubishi system in a home and the cost involved

Daikin Inverter Multi Split System

 A Daikin Multi-Split heat pump can heat or cool 2-5 rooms using only one outdoor unit, and allows individual control of the temperature in each room.  This not only optimises comfort but saves on running costs by only heating
or cooling rooms as required. Daikin Multi-Split heat pumps are all reverse cycle (heating and cooling) models.

The cost of multiple heat pumps and AC units connected

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