If you need your heat pump serviced, please contact us

Heat Pump Manufacturers recommend the units in your home have a full service carried out on an annual basis.

Air Conditioning systems are recommended to have a full service every three to six months; these units are typically used on a daily basis, however, the frequency depends on the operational environment, and how much dirt and dust may build up in the unit.

We are IQP registered so we can set up a contract to inspect, test and maintain your units and mechanical ventilation for your building warrant of fitness (12A).

For a Domestic unit it is suggested that the filters are cleaned approximately every three months. This can be easily done by the owner, or for those that are unable to for any reason, we do offer to clean the filters for you.

A full service on the indoor unit involves:
A full service on the outdoor unit includes:


The Pressure Cleaner

In 2019 we invested in a purpose built pressure cleaner, specific for heat pump coils.  The kit creates a beautiful to clean for your heat pump, leaving your heat pump like new.  Best of all it is very cost effective for all.  Win win.

You’ll love the attention we can give your heat pump, but best of all your heat pump will love you for it.  If you service your heat pump regularly it will last longer, run more efficiently.  Did you know that servicing your heat pump, nearly doubles its efficiency saving you nearly half on your heat pump energy bill?

Also if you are suffering from allergies you’ll be able to breath better.

So in summary here is why you regularly service and clean a heat pump:

  • The heat pump will last longer
  • It is good for the environment
  • It will operate better saving you money on the power bill
  • It is better for your health.

We recommended servicing your heat pump either yearly or when you notice it starts blowing colder air than you expect. 


Hopefully we will see you soon.

A Heat Pump service takes
approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Our servicing / maintenance technicians are regularly rotating through the Auckland area and will contact our existing customers when their service is due. We do, however, maintain any heat pump/air conditioning unit, so if you need a service please contact us to book an appointment time that suits.

If your unit is in a particularly bad condition it may require a deep clean, please contact us to discuss if you require this.


Our Brands

Mitsubishi Electric has been a world leader in Heat pumps and Air Conditioning since 1968

Daikin is one of New Zealand’s most trusted names in Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning

Panasonic has been loved by New Zealand households for almost a century